$WORK Ignore all the noise and news for a moment. TA is showing that stock price is leaning to a minimum price of 23.11 by the next week, if not Friday. Downtrend has been broken. Inverse H&S is forming. Next resistance after 23.11 is 24.62 and who knows how long the uptrend will be if this happens to be a bullish breakout. There is a higher chance at the moment for a trend reversal. Can it go down from here? Yes, but there is currently not much going for it. If you are short then you are swimming against the currents. If you are banking in WORK falling then you should STILL be waiting to see if this trend reversal is confirmed or not and at minimum should be waiting to see if it breaks pattern or fails to break through 23.11. As a bear, THAT should be your entry level if anything and shorting before that price would just be wasting ammunition against any bullish price action when this price tries to form the inverse H&S.
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