$BBIG I don’t personally even see the option to short this, i am guessing most of you don’t. So therefore the price is being controlled by options, and by fear and euphoria per usual. Meaning. If someone is a bear, they bought puts, that makes bulls mad? Why? For every put bought 100 shares is bought by seller to keep that buyer out of the money, you would WANT people to buy puts…You with me yet? And when the price, eventually, does crumble, that’s not put buyers, that is the fear of losing the profit gained by you bulls, or, the quick downturn could start buy the ones who bought top and can’t suffer anymore losses, every talk of shorts on these boards are often misguided. Side note, shorts never have to cover, ever, ever, they don’t have to cover no more than you have to sell your share. Now Tom with a 200$ account does, but Tom is fucking irrelevant to the stock price. Big money however has Infinite time and ammunition, period.
@Here_To_Win or people like me that bought in around 10.90 11.00 I'm about screwed. I needed my money for my taxes. I couldn't pull out. I'm pissed I even bought this.