$KULR #2 Since thermal management is a KEY FACTOR in keeping up with increasing market demand for GWh. KULR (my opinion) will be a KEY PLAYER. KULR is the SOLE licensee of the VEGA Internal Short Circuit (ISC) Device and LYRA ISC Trigger Cell. This tech was developed by NREL and NASA, patent below. Essentially KULR is the only licensed manufacturer of a device that can intentionally trigger an ACTUAL internal short circuit. All other ISC tests that exist involve some type of external mechanism. This is extremely valuable for companies because it allows them to trigger thermal propagation in a controlled environment with natural results. They can use this information to develop their batteries thermal management design, ultimately leading to more efficient batteries and safer battery packs. For example, Elon could use the LYRA/VEGA to test his battery packs. The more reliable data could be used to get his Tesla’s from burning up in the streets and out of the news.