@Kfrizz nice list. I have all but the preferreds from your top list. I have 4 from your honorable list. If it was my list, I would move ACP down and CLM, CRF up and add HYT, PCI, UTF, ARR, ORC, XFLT, ECC (last 4 iffy). I have a new position in PFLT which might be good. A $3 gain on ECC plus not a lot of faith in any REIT or CLO type which explains last 4.
@LVStrader There’s a lot of good ones out there, only listed ones I’ve had personal experience with. Staying away from CLOs when possible lol Not invested in most of these, and it’s missing a good deal of the more popular REITs, but a list of some +10% monthly yielders (Some may be quarterly now)