$MVIS - Worth the repost! 🚀🙌🏻💰🙌🏻💰🚀 The MergerMarket article (08/04) was a BONUS of information. MVIS and Sumit both acknowledged the interview. MVIS has provided a copy of the interview when requested. The article itself surrounds the strategic process. It states the CEO says , MVIS attracts auto & augmented BIDDERS for a potential SALE. Furthermore, when Sumit was asked about the “BID deadlines”, he stated that due to intensive exploration into our technology, each party has it’s own unique objectives/requirements; therefore each have their own point of progress. The interested parties are doing their own due diligence with their own engineers and business development people in order to model the details of how MVIS IP and technology could be developed. The best part, the article is FACTUAL based on the MVIS/SUMIT’s acknowledgement. Both MVIS/Interested parties are under STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY. The buyout is happening; there is no doubt about it.
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