$MVIS - Let the FACTS speak for themselves!!! 🥳💥🚀💥🚀🥳 First Generation LRL Sensor A-Sample Completed. First generation to be available for sale Q3/Q4 2021. Best-In-Class/Ground Breaking Proprietary Features: ✔️We expect our sensor to meet/exceed current target OEM requirements. ✔️Differentiated/High level performance ✔️Capable of advancing autonomous driving/active safety systems ✔️Expected range of 250 meters ✔️A FOV of 100 degrees horizontal by 30 degrees vertical ✔️Highest resolution point cloud of 10.8 million points per second/per single return at 30 hertz ✔️Capability to output axial, lateral and vertical components of velocity of moving objects at 30 hertz ✔️IMMUNITY to interference from sunlight and other lidars microvision.gcs-web.com/new... microvision.gcs-web.com/sta...