$NVAX knowing the science behind the vaccines I really wanted to get NVAX. Looks like I am going to get one of the others now. This is really too bad and does make me sad in a way. Such a good product to just sit on the shelf. A lot of children, teens and young adults would have been better off with NVAX. I am deeply disappointed with NVAX right now. We may not see a vaccine for a year at this rate. I wanted to believe in him but in the end of the day it’s all about money. He isn’t the CEO for any other reason than money. I mean is there corruption involved at this point? I have waited for NVAX and now I got covid for the 2nd time. It is the most sick I have ever been. Thanks for letting me down NVAX. I’m not selling but I don’t think I will hold for much longer. This past 6 months my money should have been elsewhere like everyone else. Missed out on a lot.