$SAEX I feel kinda sad for this board. Even though I consider myself a newbie of sort, yet you guys are the ones spreading false/untrue news/info. PREVIOUS delisting notice was because of the BS filings. They got that warning a long time ago!! We were on the non compliance list for that, and we got removed (because last friday they submitted updated/corrected filings). Today's delisting notice (just a warning, not going anywhere anytime soon) is for a different issue. Now we have time till 25th to either correct it, or get an 180 day extension (which MOST companies get easily). Why did it not go up today? Because just like me and you, everyone else wanted to hear COMPLIANCE news and everyone wanted this to skyrocket to 1 gazillion dollars. Unfortunately pre market news confirmed it won't sky rocket, so obviously people bailed to make money elsewhere.
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