$LINK.X This board makes me ill. I look around & I see nothing but wasteland. Unbeautiful people. Losers living value meal to value meal. Once upon a time You glimpsed a God. A deity. An angel flying to close to the ground. HE IS GONE NOW PEOPLE! Ungrateful wretches. Be thankful for the brief time that you had, #agift. I know this board specializes in base emotion, mean spiritedness, & low intellect. But, try you greedy beggars to understand how difficult it was to be truly beautiful. ...And, don’t pretend like your lasciviousness didn’t rear it’s ugly head!! He graced you with images, holy images of symmetry unknown to mortal man, and yet (!!), yet, you swine took “the gift” and pleasures yourselves. Fools. Who hath eaten the forbidden fruit 🍎. Repent. Shame. Shame. Shame. R.I.P. Skeetericus Maximus, Regum Regum.
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