$NIO $TSLA Here are FACTS. Nios new car has 7x the computing power over tesla. Nio has 2x as many cameras with the camera specs being 8.2 MP compared to Tesla’s 1.2MP camera. Nios battery is 1.5x the power of the best tesla, with a mile range of 1000km(670 miles) beating every tesla. Nios battery swap in 2 mins with one button is something Tesla doesn’t have at all. Nios self drive autonomous is better and faster processing with the new specs. And the price for both best vehicles is the same except nios come with carbon emission points, lifetime warranty, and road assistance. Nio beat tesla in EVERY Way. I’ve been a tesla bull for years now. But a new king is in town. Facts are facts. I’m expecting a 10% drop in tesla Monday and a 30% gain in Nio on Monday conservatively
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@Kilek1751 @bmphockeykid VERY wrong.... NOT 2 years.... NIO ET7 deliveries start Q1 2022!! Also wrong... NIO cars drive themselves into the battery swap station and it takes 3 minutes to swap to a fresh battery. Get your facts straight and quit trying to spread misinformation.
@josiii just checked it you are somewhat correct. its 3 min for the the stations that will be deployed in the future ( correct me if i'm wrong ) and you are correct on delivery good to know. anyway you seem emotional as an investor you shouldn't be. lets hope Nio will continue to do well as i assume you are also invested in it.