Spending this Sunday to help y'all learn as promised. Perks of joining us on Discord & following on StockTwits: 1. Live buy alerts with loading zones and potential targets. 2. Live sell alerts & mental stop losses. 3. Engage in constructive community chats. 4. Have all your questions answered. No limit. 5. Learn how to enter & exit a trade. 6. Learn how to read charts. 7. Learn how to use indicators. 8. Learn how to find good trades yourself. 9. Learn the rules of trading. 10. Message me directly any time. 11. 1 on 1 coaching offered. 12. Daily lessons learned. And charting lessons. 13. Options/ swing/ daytrade ideas. Link in comments & in bio. Will post tips on here later. Enjoy your weekend. Weekends are for family & fun but also preparing for the week. Learn something new today. Ask me anything at no cost. $CAPR $MVIS $GNUS $TNXP $HTBX