$ACB was down Friday while others were up due to profit after a monster 3 day run. Consolidation is normal and charts are show the trend will continue. Even $TLRY had consolidation during it’s parabolic run. (in at 17, 36 and sold at $238) 😁 That said, I’m not saying $ACB is another $TLRY but it has better legs than before and the fundamentals are a lot better than before. I would not short this for now as I believe Peltz has taken a more assertive position. I mean, come on! CBD prevents and cures Covid?!? Also, Peltz’s idiot son posts recent pictures of himself at Aurora Sky? Then his account is shut down? Reminds me of Gabor The Blind Guy’s bone head move. But, unlike Gabor, we can easily link the Aurora Sky photos to a Peltz. It’s gonna be interesting.
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