$GNUS I hope this help any new immature investor/trader at there who need it. Do your own research to identify the Marriage type (long term comapanies) and One night stand type (high volatile penny stock). My rule of thumb to be a winning trader and the photo below illustrate how not to adapt this "BUY THE DIP" mindset. Rule #1 Determine whether you are a trader or an investor and never try to turn a one night stand into a marriage. ( This is not Las Vegas) Rule #2 You do not have a One-Night-Stand without a CONDOM(Your hard or mental Stop Loss) Rule #3 Determine your profit target before you get in any trade (20% will make you rich over time) Do not be GREEDY! When your target is reached, take the profit and get out even if price continue going up. Trust me you will regret not getting out. (This is where most traders lacks discipline) Rule #5 Never trade 50 - 100% of your portfolio on a single trade for maximum profit despite how good you are.(That is not trading, its gambling)
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