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    Kira Brecht Joined Jul 22, 2011

    Market analyst, technician. Passed Level 1 and 2 of the MTA's CMT exams. Passionate about markets.


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      Greg Rieben
      Trend Follower. Swing Trader. Option Trader. 15 years of investing and trading experience. My trading style is based on technical analysis, trends and patterns. Long term positions are mostly contrarian in nature.
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      Torjus Ekkje
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      Ryan Davidson (Moltres)
      I seek opportunities here in WS as passive income. Plays involve both short and long positions. Don't do price targets. Trades are based on momentum, technicals, and historical price action. Started in 2012 and still learning. Thanks for the follow!
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      Swing trading since 1999. Commodities and Tech. I enjoy good charts and shorting market tops. Come find me on TradingView & Twitter
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      Joe Hurley
      I write & publish metaphysical books. I also daytrade & swingtrade equities. My journey is one of opening to abundance, multidimensional consciousness, divine wisdom, and unconditional love.
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      Alexander Hamilton
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor & Trader. B.A. Economics / B.S. Engineering / M.B.A. Finance. Author of the US constitution. Creator of the US Financial System and the First Central Bank. First US Secretary of the Treasury.
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      30 year software executive, scientist, consultant who was also a past securities broker/trader. Swing trader, scalper & longer term investor. Looks for stocks that exhibit repeatable behaviors, and value to limit risk with volatility for max gains.
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      Dave Kauffman
      "You take your NICKLES, and turn them into DIMES"--Grandpa.
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      Be not impatient in delay, but wait as one who understands...Then Go! The price action and volume is the 'News'. I'm a short term swing trader waiting for reward to risk setups of at least 2 to 1. I trade 3X ETF/ETNs also.
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      Im a bull in a bear or a bear in a bull. Contrarian and swing trader. I know right?! I am a pro at drinking and lifting weights. The sky is RED! Trade the 1min chart of jdst and jnug. I know, that I know, I'm dumb
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      Scott Parker
      Obsessed with the stock market. Day trade, Swing trade, Long, Shorts,Options, HFT, Dark Pools, extremely interested in Algo Set up. My key set up: Profitability. Ideas are always appreciated...:)
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      Golden Rule rules - short my stocks, if you must, but be nice! Follow my trades at your own risk. DD, please! GLTA
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      Musician, Analyst, Futurist — Reading the Music of the Markets One Crescendo at a Time: Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F.Hutton alum, keep listening.
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      Nick vee
      Former Owner of a Stock Brokerage firm 17 years on Wall St Managed High Net worth clients primarily . Now just trading for myself my comments are not advice , it is just my opinions
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      All In Capital
      handle derived from the biggest trade I went into, all in on one ticker. my money my trades and definitely not yours.
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      Heavyweight Investor
      Peaceful and friendly men. Christian, father of two sons. Follow me for quality charts and insight about Gold, Silver and some major stocks . Je parle aussi francais. Disclaimer: I am not the real Lewis.
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      Chad Little
      $AAPL (1999-2007) $FB (2007-2011)
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      Michael Wilson
      Anything can happen at anytime. I trade patterns, post on them, but if they don't follow thru, forget what I just said, lol.