$GRWG You ever lost a fight and the guy who won comes over and kicks you in the head one last time while you down? Sure feels like that right now in this stock. Waiting to buy the kids some inheritance shares. But I'm gonna wait and pick the knife up from the floor. Stitches just healed from the last time I tried to catch it on the way down. Permanent scars, almost lost a finger.
@Kiss_The_Sky hey @AbsurdistFiction here’s another fun story - remember your discussions from a few months ago on Simply Wall St and the $24 or so intrinsic value that they set. They raised their value and now we are at 51% below that ! Just unbelievable.
@BGLV @AbsurdistFiction I do recall that conversation and started watching Simply Wall Street after @AbsurdistFiction hipped me to the site. At first I just couldn't believe it was accurate, but here we are. You know, if they were right about the $24 price then maybe they are on to something with this $38.44 business? Thanks for pointing that out!