$GNUS to everyone who kept asking "WhErE aRe ThEy gOInG tO gEt ReVeNuE fRoM" from the past few days: I'll say it again: toys and merchandise Yes, you're over the age of 18 more than likely and you won't be interested in their products you narcissist. Their business isn't targeted towards older humans (no shit right?) Common sense says that children will eat that shit up and that we're more likely than not, will have a baby boom in 7-9 months from now due to the lockdowns. Netflix has subscriptions that you pay for once a month. Genius has toys, apparel, merchandise, and school supply branded items that one buys at more than twice the monthly cost of a Netflix subscription and parents will more than likely get more than 1 item per month per child. Hence why I stated a few days ago that their revenue growth from now on, may be 3x or higher than that of Netflix's.
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