$VXRT here's 2 very realistic scenarios based on the ATM. 1. They are raising cash to fund trials alone and if no significant news to boost market cap we take a 30% hair cut. 2. ATM offerings are used when companies have good news coming up to capitalize on it (Novavax did the same weeks before funding). Something big may be coming up and they will sell the shares on that momentum so you won't feel the dilution and the company can obtain a solid cash position. Example, say we got OWS inclusion and large funding and price rides up to 20+, they sell during this time on high volume and for a much higher price then we sit now meaning they sell less shares but obtain the same $ 250M The choice is yours to make and this company is speculative. You may win big as high risk is high reward or you could lose it all. I don't care what you do but this is reality
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