$JAGX Webinar scheduled Monday, January 11, 2021 (Confirmed) regarding the SPAC Merger with subsidiary Napo and other goodies 2) Crofelemer to get emergency approval to be used in Europe to help treat Covid long haulers 3) Three year cancer study completed on Dec 20, 2020 and results are supposed to be outstanding and released Jan 2021 4) 4th quarter sales supposedly through the roof and released this month. 5) JAGX/NAPO merger deal in Europe through Swiss Group Forum projections to be $350 million in revenue in first year of merger with $1 Billion in revenue by the end of the 5th year! 6) Confirmed no reverse split. Jagx will do it organically with all the PR 7) JAGXCEO publicly stated no public offering or warrants will be issued as the company has plenty of cash on hand through significant increases in sales revenue since Q2 and access to non-dilutives capital to fund its operations thru 2021
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