$VXRT long avg price 2.86. sold a thousand at 15 left me with 3,000. gonna stay long ,haven’t added. Security law firms make their living off of class action lawsuits. They also take a lot of time to be completed. i said earlier I usually receive 2 or 3 letters a week from previous holdings. That being said the statement on the 29th was a little misleading. Basically the headline, it looked like they were getting some sort of funding at the moment. Later I realized it was for an NHP study. So they pumped it dumped it , hedge funds made money etc. if you held you would have made more than the 12 on that Friday. I d not see the company saying anything until they get results from the universal flu study. they are under the microscope now. They can’t just throw something out there. Their research is still in the very early stage.
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