$SRNE the bio technology there working on will save millions will help with the next advances in science in itself I have no worries literally none I wish I could thank dr Henry ji for being a brave soul during times like this when people ridicule and cancel you out for saying the truth dr ji if you ever come across this Broad just know that i /we have been listening to ever word and I believe in your goals time will tell but I can see where this is heading with even a small telescope imagine the stuff he knows that’s he can’t legally say like this ground breaking at 7 bucks a shares where being compared to companies that’s $5-6-$700 a share no worries peoples thus is a strong hold for me at the sane time kno how to make your money cheers everyone 🏆🏆🥂🥂🥂🥂 soon one day very soon we will all be celebrating heavily once again
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