$EVFM I always thought getting to the 10’s of Thousands Club was years away. I remember reading someone’s About Me section and their goal was 100,000 Club, and that’s when I set a small goal of 10,000 not ever thinking I could make it without taking any out. Truth is, I have 3 brokerage accounts, and I bought a Jeep this year all while keeping money away for Capital Taxes. I’ve studied hard to learn investing, always knowing there’s more to understand, and I’ve even lost money ( 2,000 on an option I would’ve been right on, but selling at a loss before a huge upside cough* Apple cough* because I got scared 🤷‍♀️ ). I also was in the middle of starting my own personal training business, bartending for money to support that, when I lost both jobs to Covid. Then sunk all my cash into the market the day it plunged. I’m proud of turning something unknown into something that gives me continuous joy because I love to learn about things society says is impossible. 🤙🏼