$LCID why you think price rose on Friday? On 19th Jan lockup period expires do you not think the original investors would take profits as their cost price was much much lower. If i were an investor given how fed is going to up the interest rate this year. I would take profits. Also why no announcements about deliveries? That sounds very suss. Also read about lucid owners and their complains about the vehicle, car got some extremely stupid bugs in their software for the price range it's been sold at. Retail s are going to be bag holders again cause they are fomoing after looking at tsla run. But lcid is no tsla.
$LCID You guys keep calling this a pump and dump, but it’s not falling. When will you guys realize this play isn’t about valuations or multiples? Retail is riding this thing because they feel like it has the potential to grow like Tesla. This stock isn’t going to be Tesla, but it’s going to be a winner either way.
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