$AKER Hilarious action today. Gotta love clouds. This is exactly where I thought it would be, just not at all how I though it would get there. The price entered that 2h cloud earlier than expected and still hasn't left, despite the up and down. Just look at how it tracked the cloud top resistance. Clouds help us understand that support/resistances can change throughout the day and are 2-dimensional. This resistance was essentially vertical and is why the price acted the way it did. 3 scenarios for the next few days. Still calling 2.90 this week. Could follow those background lines (which I call the wind) down back under the 2h cloud and attack the 4h cloud next week. But I still believe the light green scenario is likeliest. Get rejected by the bottom of the 4h cloud at 2.90 and test it again later at 2.95 finally penetrating through. Once that happens, sky's the limit. Fat red clouds = big gaps to fill.
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