$SPY 🥦-I love this market, I really do. It’s so easy to make money. 🐻-Oh really? I find it so difficult. 🥦-How can you find it difficult? It’s the easiest thing in the world. Actually, it’s free money. 🐻-What makes you say that? 🥦-Well, think about it: you have the US government promising everyone that they will buy everything forever. How can it be difficult to make money in that environment? You just have to make sure that you buy it for they do. You have to buy the dip, if you don’t, then you are a fucking idiot. Just buy the fucking dip and you will make money. 🐻-Hmmmmm, I don’t know, I’m getting very scared. It feels like we are at the top of the market, and as soon as I start buying the dip, the market will finally crash and I will wipe out what little I have left from being short. 🥦-Did you not hear a single word of what I just said? B
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