$FAMI…In case you haven’t heard it about it, VIR BIOTECHNOLOGY has developed a Covid-19 vaccine that is as effective as Pfizer. Whatever that entails. I ended up developing a blood clot in my heart after taking the Pfizer jab. My doctors put me on the blood thinner Eliquis, in an effort to dissolve the clot before it possibly breaks away and travels to my brain and causers a stroke. Real talk! I also suffered severe breathing problems that required an emergency ride in an ambulance to the emergency room. I now have a daily use inhaler as well as a breathing device with Albuterol inhalation solution. The jab fucked me up and there are no class action law suits allowed!!
@oruiz55 @Green_thing let it be written, let it be done. We all perish and don’t want to. We hope to have a good impact on our surroundings and no doubt, makes us feel a certain way. Someone, apparently, did the opposite of human nature and submitted His life even to the cross. I think the bible says God put governments in place and also to follow their rules. And judgement follows. But hope people have where there was none