$BNGO Bears in disguise ? or Dummy Investors ?? I’ve got news for you! $3.00 -4.50 Orders will not get filled that’s in the past, We’ve Surpassed that .. Sorry ain’t no 4.00 Buys happening. Offering Came Thursday after hours, our low Range on Friday was 3.70ish to 4.00 Would have been time to get those ..Offering Shares @ 3.05 got gobbled up by Big Whale special investors that get that special price within a couple hours and we started to Climb back up surpassing offering price which was @ 3.05 .. currently at 5.05ish .. Premarket Monday I’m thinking 5.50-6.00 .. BIG CONFERENCES ALL WEEK , Closing it off on Friday with none other than COVID DISCUSSIONS
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