Reviews so far for Alerts Access Program: Love the alerts @superbloom and listening to you on voice this morning. Your a long time role model for me in this game. Looking forward to learning as much as I can from you every morning. Subscription for this room has been a little high for me personally. But happy to be trying out the alerts. If I can find value, which judging from today's alerts shouldn't be hard at all, I'm definitely considering the complete student package First off, I love how you guys have momentum plays. None of the other rooms ever look into smaller companies that have insane volume and ride the momentum I feel like there’s so much to be made, and best of all it’s equities so don’t have to worry about decay, just set stop limits And so far most of the alerts you guys send are spot on. I also love how u have exact entry points for example ‘Enter XXXX company IF goes above $XXX So we don’t feel clueless going in, Then also guiding us with how much to set stops at
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