I'm pretty proud of myself for being on the dot Weeks ahead of time, extremely accurately. $BYND swing from 90 with a 125 target Hit on the dot $ENPH swing from $38 with a 52.50 strike hit $TWLO swing target had for my class 140 from 110 hit $SHOP 705 hit and crossed over $ROKU from $100 swing to $130 nailed this one! $STMP from $140 target strike $190 hit over to $210 $GWPH $120 nailed the target $INO pm down but up- lol exactly that went down and up after $AMAT 55 strike nailed on the dot $TTWO up massive! $BABA hit the $215/$220 strikes perfect! $TGT 125 strike was awesome from $105 entry $SPLK this was the best $135 entry to 165 strike before earnings and 175 to my class was the after earnings target play- insanely well done $NVDA 340 before earnings/360 after earnings play was near perfect $ULTA hit my $225 first run up target! now aiming at $232 $LULU hit beyond my 255 target from $210 entry/ next target 285 Hope you took advantage of my post and come out profitable!
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