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      Maximus Decimus Meridius
      Day trading momentum is war and to succeed one must fight like a gladiator. If ur soft or slow take up swing trading or checkers.
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      11ChartsReport Official Account
      Former William J. O'Neil portfolio manager and hedge fund manager, Ross Haber, provides actionable stock ideas and setups --
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      David Moadel
      Find plenty of options/stock education at: *** Find me on Twitter at: *** (For informational purposes only; I am not licensed to provide investment advice)
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      Tom SB
      It's nice to be financially secure. Apart from that, I really don't care too much about money. I spend hours trading equities because I find it so much fun. Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything.
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      bbuf finance top 25 private, tied to fortune 50 global corporate. s/t trend trader. stop loss should be your 1st move ALWAYS
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      Kyle B
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      K Hjort
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      Ivaylo Ivanov Official Account
      Founder of - Swing Trades, Momentum Investing, Education & Mentoring - 14-day free trial. Author of The 5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading, Crash - How to Protect & Grow Capital during Corrections, The Next Apple.
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      WSP is the only day trading site that will guarantee you winning trade alerts or your money back- Think like a fundamentalist, but trade like a technician. You must know the fundamentals driving a trade, but understand the market is technical.
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      Steve Foxx
      I'm a trader who avoids the noise, manages risk, using weekly bars. I offer no predictions, only serious long term trades. What else is there? A careful examination of my list of losing and winning trades tells the complete story.
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      Brian C
      Trend trader, mostly options. Gainfully Unemployed. A friend to cats, some dogs & lover of all things 2 wheeled. Avoider of all noise and "gurus". Left handed. Trade with a plan, trade with a system...or plan on giving your money to those that do.
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      DarvasTrader is the home of the Nicolas Darvas stock trading system. is written and published by Darrin Donnelly.