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    Leigh Drogen Official Account Joined Aug 14, 2009

    Founder and CEO of @Estimize and @Forcerankapp, product and biz dev @StockTwits, former hedge fund manager at Surfview Capital, PM at Geller Capital, surfer and hockey fanatic


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      Kenny Glick Official Account
      The truth is an illusion just like the stock market. It's not real unless you make it real. All you peasants and serfs looking for the holy grail will walk over a cliff to your death as you follow the sheep in front of you. Good luck.
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      Brian Bolan Official Account
      Equity Strategist for Zacks Investment Research, Former Equity Research Analyst. Tweets are NOT recommendations to buy or sell securities.
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      PAA Research
      PAA Research is an independent research firm that provides investment ideas backed by extensive fundamental and primary research.
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      John Gray
      Technology analyst and trader.
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      Conor Sen
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      Renaissance Capital Official Account
      Renaissance Capital provides pre-IPO research and global IPO market analytics to institutional investors. The firm manages portfolios of unseasoned equities through the Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) and the Renaissance International IPO ETF (IPOS).
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      Mike Pmalai
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      Bhargav Shivarthy
      helped build @covestor. now looking for fun things to build in India. via
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      Carl Richards
      Real Name: Carl Richards. Goal: Trying to ask the right questions about money...using a Sharpie
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      Jason Zweig Official Account
      I write the "Intelligent Investor" column at The Wall Street Journal. Links & RTs are not endorsements & should never be regarded as investment advice.
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      Raj Dhaliwal Official Account
      Long/Short PM at small family office. Scientist who moonlights in finance. Tweets are my opinion only.
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      David Gaffen
      Editor of the U.S. markets team at Reuters in New York. Author of "Never Buy Another Stock Again," from FT Press.
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      Ranjan Roy
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      Ali Unwin
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      lori spechler
      Lori Spechler is a Senior Editor at CNBC. Formerly a trader and market-maker in commodity options, her resume includes such infamous Wall Street names as AIG Trading Corp. and Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corp.
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      Brian Lund Official Account
      A 24/7 hour dope show.
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      Robert Ross
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      The Trade
      I'm one in the same with JoshPritchard, but my @joshpritchard twitter account was lost when I left Facebook (it's tied to, and before I updated the email, my account was hacked) so I now use thetradedotcom for twitter messages