$CELH $CELH I did some simple comparisons between MNST and CELH at a high level: 1. MNST sales in 2004, 2005,2006 were $180, $350, $600 M. So a growth of 80% during its peak years. After that, it growth slowed to 15-20% so by 2012, it achieved $2B sales. In 2021, sales was $4.6 B, so growth slowed to 10% a year since 2012. 2. MNST market cap in 2006 was $2.7B for sales of $600M. CELH in 2022 should have similar sales of $600M, now at a MC of $3.7B today. Note that Interest rate T10 was maybe 5% in 2006, today it is 1.8%, so that could account for some of the higher valuation of CELH. Continue