$SRNE $EYES $AMC $GME $WISH so you're saying we're not a meme stock 🤔 lol
$SRNE we are not a stock with the underlying share structure to generate the $GME squeeze. Nor the $AMC squeeze. Nor the $EYES squeeze. Each of those scenarios had unique circumstances and those circumstances worked in the favor of those hoping to create fast price soaring action. But they also came with a real cost. $GME was as high as $483 mid day Jan 28th of this year... it closed that session at $193.60... GME currently trades for $182.80 $AMC brought huge gains to many! From as low as $1.91 all the way to the peak of $72.62 in essentially 6 months. Now trading at $38.305 $EYES hit $20 from $2 in 3 days. Now it’s $3.80 $WISH IS ANOTHER UNIQUE STORY. saying “short squeeze” doesn’t make a short squeeze. saying “super high short interest” doesn’t make a short squeeze. real ingredients are needed to cause an otherwise irrational price explosion on a whim like the story of GME. The great thing about Sorrento, is one day the share price will just rise to meet their full value
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