$CRUS i took my profits on CRUS, QRVO & IPHI today NEXT BIG ONE TO GO: PI - IMPINJ Chips have been breaking out one after another. I nailed QRVO, CRUS, IPHI and today QCOM & CEVA. My next big move expected is PI. See the article from Investor's Business DAILY TODAY. investors.com/videos/s-10-y...... Look at quarterly earnings they set the expectations low, and are on pace to exceed it. Plus I expect we will hear news on their pending litigation against NXPI for patent infirngement. I purchased the PI calls expiring 11/15 at $40 strike. Looks like theres a 5 point trade from 35-40 in the next week, once the millions of IBD professional subscribers see the big article that just came out. Thin float on PI just like INMD, IPHI, CRUS
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