$TRXC Packaging it up for sale, how much is it worth? CVRS sold for 1.2 billion with same number of OS. Limited use IR robot but the only one of its type. Only have 3 million revenue in the last quarter. NOTE that they were selling 1 robot before their direct partnerships. This added credibility to the company before sales increased. Auris sold for 4 billion or higher with incentives. But this company has Moll so that adds to the value. TRXC has TWO robots. Senhance with only the SECOND FDA approval for surgical robots and Surgibot which will prob get China approval soon. Sales are very low but JP Morgan should indicate to the buyer that this is because hospitals are unwilling to buy from a small company. A large partner will increase sales. JPM should be able to get at least $3 per share for TRXC in my opinion.
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