$LKNCY Catching up on the posts since yesterday's close... I see that Sicortex had to liquidate... Not good... Been there... Best to him and his future plans for recovery from this tragic financial event. My takeaway from the whole ordeal ... The Big Picture aspect to this... Chase has deemed this investment "un-marginable". Their "Risk Dept" gave a "No Mas" to the stock. I had explained this in a reply last week and thought I would touch on what happened inside the bank to make them do this. On a "marginable security", they don't usually make you liquidate. They just "raise the margin requirement" so you can still hold the position. Banks are in business to make $$$ and they don't care how much you lose as long as they get their due. This is different when the bank actually deems the security to be un-marginable. This is the ultimate in "de-risking" Not market makers, not fookery, not manipulation....Just plain old "risk management". Bigger Message
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