@als First and foremost, you must do your own research, and do not rely on my advice for your investing, it's just an opinion, and not always right. It's a bit tricky to start buying with the market so overvalued here. SP500 is up 44% in past 13 months from the 12/24/18 low. QLD up 152%, Semi's up 87%, and Builders +75%, ARKK +66%. I would wait until we see a 5-10% pullback in Feb/March which will happen. You would not be happy if you bought in today. That being said, you can always scale into an index fund like QQQ or IVW which may be cushioned from a correction. If you do buy, make sure you keep a tight stop to avoid any large losses. (continued in nxt post) “The Seven Percent Rule”: Sell if your loss hits 7% -$10,000 x 7% loss (-700) = $9,300 To get even: only need 7.5% gain: $9,300 x 7.5% = $700 + $9,300 = $10,000 At 35% loss – need to make +54% to even At 50% loss – need to make +100% With only $5,000 left, stock must rise +100% to $10,000 How many stocks go up 100%?
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