11:40 am Mkt Update: top3sectorportfolio.com/blog/
A mixed to down market, with very little volume on this day before Memorial Day weekend. China internet stocks getting slammed in the face of possible de-listing and Hong Kong tensions. the Adv/Decline lineon the NYSE is 2-1 negative. Expect more back and forth meanderingas volume peters out into the close. But Fauci championing the Moderna vaccine, and seemingly indicating that it couldbe ready by December 2020 continues to give a bullish tone to this mkt. If Moderna releases more data in the next week that is positive, expect more positive action in the markets. Happy 3 day weekend all! top3sectorportfolio.com/blog/ News on: $MRNA, $JD, $BIDU, $BABA, $PANW, $COTY, $NVDA, $SPY $QQQ
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