$DJIA $NVAX Here’s a gem for you guys for Monday. $IMV has been working on vaccines for respiratory illnesses well before COVID-19 touched down. One of their vaccines which is a peptide epitope approach is undergoing clinical trials and should have results by the end of July. IMV also just appointed Michael Bailey to their board about a week ago, he has a clear history of bringing drugs successfully to market, as he did when he was with $LLY the market also responded to his appointment with an 18% gain for IMV which means Wall Street knows exactly why they hired him. IMV is also outside of the American political sphere (Canadian company) which means no down swings for US-China tensions and has a decent balance sheet (for small cap). IMVs CEO has purchased 1 million CAD worth of his companies stock within the last 3 months. They are ready to bring their drug to market, IMV reports progress of clinical trials at the end of July. 💎
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