$BNGO You might want to think hard before you sell BNGO at these low share prices. Erik said to me in a message, "Praxis has applied for codes!!" In response I asked the following: "W/ re. Praxis and codes, how does that work? Specifically, if Praxis gets a or many third party codes based on their LDTs, can other labs (e.g. Quest) use those same codes—i.e. can labs ride the coattails of other labs re. insurance codes?” Erik’s answer: “Yep” I read the above to mean that Praxis is on the cusp of getting at least one and maybe more insurance reimbursement codes, and that those codes will be available to other labs. Talk about near term adoptions and near term market potential! How near term? Dunno for sure but I would bet it will be in the next six months and certainly this year.
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