$BNGO Here are some things Captain_Twits had to say about the deal announced this morning: "Integration with NGS data allows easy association with sequence based variants (for example cancer breakpoints and fusion genes). Also links SV data to known bio markers for drug development, etc. Also, much of the diseases, disorders are ‘heritable’. The software platform accommodates analysis of familial data (family-printing) and other linkages due to relatedness." So the acquisition of BioDiscovery will integrate the unique features of Saphyr, namely mapping, more fully into the sequencing world! BioDiscovery is already powerfully into the sequencing world and Bionano will outfit BioDiscovery to accommodate Saphyr data as well. What an amazing one-two punch that will be--not to mention the immediate carrying of Saphyr into areas that it has had trouble cracking because BioDiscovery didn't yet accommodate Saphyr.