Don’t get all bulled up folks into anything long term. Remember a few weeks ago when I called this downturn we just had a relief rally from….well, the downturn isn’t over yet. We gonna have a few days of relief rally before they pull this again. Could be Jan OpEx that does it or the fed meeting the week after. But we are going to see at least one more quick wash, that will look painful, real painful, before we can start to move up normally again. This is what we want. A f’kn reset would this market better than what we have now. We want a reset so we are no just playing indices and 5 names. The name of the game till then is intraday or 2 day trades.
@AboveTheHorizon I'm with you on the downturn not being over. This below from us talking around Thanksgiving....and headlines in the last few days confirming Pelosi wants stimulus checks tied to next months debt ceiling talks.....right on cue