$ZNOG FRIDAY FROLICS ARE GOING TO THE STARTING GATE. LITTLE OVER AN HOUR TO THE STARTING BELL. A RICH STRIKE? Honestly, I see much the same as yesterday with a couple of short attacks thrown in for good measure. After all it is FRIDAY the 13th 50/50 on green/red finish
@LawIsRight I think it will follow trend and finish around. 27 .28 area . .considering this pullback looks exactly like the last pullback almost down to identical number and type of candles . .if it follows the pattern we should get at least a couple green days
@Jstults yea, seeing that on the chart and been tracking. The 6 month is really pronounced. You are correct by the chart. It should uptick. Basing my today's guess on activity since the PR and yesterday. Hope you're right Blessings!
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