$CBAT You're telling other ppl to block me but yet you haven't blocked me yourself. Once again you show how MINDLESS you are....nothing but a bad set of genetics. Go find your brain and stop being a hypocrite. Lmao
@Lawrence_The_Baba @MattBrown0761 lawerence_The_Baby does nothing but bash people... in reality, he himself is doing nothing but crashing himself... this has nothing to do with this stock... only his pathetic ignorance and non-knowing experience in the stock market. Has anybody had any of his humble pie yet? Lol! He is a pathetic, worthless turd in the basement of his cousins house left yelling at walls... dude needs a padded cell in reality... unless you just want someone to fuck with id block this idiot mother fucker! Yes i said it! Get me kicked off here! I dont give a shit! I make more not being on here look for your self and follow 👇 twitter.com/mrchris_cole
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