$ADXS Some great background info here on prostate cancer and ADXS that's worth reading, even if you don't own the stock.... even though I remain very bullish on ADXS for several reasons. One thing I would add to this background info is that ANYONE with a slightly elevated PSA should insist their Dr run a "Free" PSA test as well as your standard "Total PSA" level. Cancer cells tend to "bind" the antigen tighter and lowers your "% free" antigen test results. You should have at least 20-25% Free PSA, or there is a very good chance you have cancer (according to research papers from MD Anderson). I had 2 "clean" biopsies, but insisted on the Free PSA test (even though my insurance wouldn't cover it!) , which was 9%. I found a specialist who did yet another biopsy & found aggressive G8 cancer prompting aggressive treatments. I've been cancer free for 2 years now... but still follow cancer research in this area "just in case". Learn and Live On!!!
$ADXS Many of you peaches probably missed this but I posted this early a.m. stocktwits.com/GreenBioAnal...
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