@LemonButt @abman54 Where did all this come from? They are in the Russell and there was never a gamma squeeze. I can see your point about options expiring and we both know we disagree on the business case for the company's future.
@bsteveson @abman54 ah you are right--it's July and all that happened in June with the Russell process (it's been a long couple months with a newborn here). There was def a gamma squeeze up--look at the open interest for July vs. Aug. The deltas on those open call contracts have decayed and MM have certainly been unloading hedges. There was a big 500k block sweep on the 25 calls that pushed it notably higher one day. Gamma squeezes go both ways though which is why we saw a quick drop down. Right now with SSR all the downticks are longs selling. There are call options on 1m shares and that delta has dropped rapidly the past few days with the stock dropping, compounding the selloff. MM should have had >500k shares to hedge those 2m+ calls at 20+ when they were ITM and should now be holding less than 50k (the open interest on the put side is basically zero compared to the 2m+ shares at 20+)