@Les_Grossman @Jackie_O_ the shares are not registered. They become registered when Vaxart sends the sale request with shares to issued to the underwriter. Then the shares get registered and sold and money wire transferred to Vaxart and then they will have a grace period to file the new registered shares and we will find out when that filing happens 👍 you can’t sell shares that don’t exist yet and that shelf just has a market cap on it and no share size registered. Zero shares are registered. I did notice though that they said the company in the 2Q of 2020 came under new ownership and that ownership was defined as a stockholder holding more then 50%. Im going to email IR for some clarification in their prospectus about it
@TheDonDonkey @Jackie_O_ it’s a supplement prospectus to the July 8, 2020 registration statement. The 50% ownership was Boyd/Armistice upon exercising the warrants, but he dumped the shares immediately and reported that. That’s what it is referring to.
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