$MMTLP this is a game of musical chairs. The people who held got an automatic Divi chair. When the music starts ( listed as MMTLP And trade-able ) lots of other people came to the room. You have the option to sell somebody else your chair divi, or you can stay seated and ensure you get that divi chair. you can sell your chair, and walk in the circle and buy another chair somewhere else, but when the music stops, the only people who get that magic divi chair prize. Who are the pea poke who are actually sitting. if you Used to be seating but are not now, you don’t get a prize. When the music stops, the game stops and that’s it. Saying the MMTLP is not the divy is technically true, but MMTLP is the chair you need to own to get the divy, so it might as well be the divy. What’s in the box is unknown