$OGI MILESTONES: 1) Launched 1st to market Biosynthesis CBD/THC under Hyasynth Bioscience. Mfg process will 1/10 cost to create pure API level CBD/THC. Date 11/2020. 2) Launched two new products into the market. Date 3/2021, 3) Obtained BTI partnership 20% stake at 176M w/ BTI. Date 3/2021 5) BTI Launches VUSE CBD/ Date 1/2021 6) Paid off debt date 4/2021, 7) Acquired a confectionary business with a 51,000 sqft facility with automation to make CBD/THC confectionary. 4/2021 That's like 7 major milestones. US Legalization and an open market on the horizon. PAYtience.