@Libor_the_Ape @Pork_chop_express VORB is a huge gamble--read Motly Fool Jan.7. Any comments. Now what Branson might be right that investor interest will bubble up again once things are happening. Alas, for Virgin Galactic that's still a ways off. Virgin Galactic postponed a planned fall flight; as of its last update, the company was not anticipating beginning actual tourist flights until late 2022. Meanwhile, competition is moving forward: Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin has now launched three successful tourist flights. If all goes to plan, this could still be a winning investment. But since we don't yet know the size of the market for six-figure tickets into space, and whether Virgin Galactic can work out the kinks and reliably serve that market, there is good reason for investor caution surrounding Virgin Galactic VORB right now.