$SPRT What everyone should understand is that whatever the options set to expire are the market markers will look to punish whatever will cost them more. More puts expiring on a Friday than calls…drive price up…more calls than puts drive price down they wanted the highest number of options out of the money! If calls or puts wildly overwhelm one or the other like 10 to 1 that will create directional movement usually in favor of heavier weighted direction aka calls 10 to 1 price probably goes up…in part because longs might also be buying stock directly. But out of the money calls do not automatically mean makers hedge them. Only direct buying long can immediately drive price up or selling drive it down…more buyers ‘should’ always equals higher price and more sellers lower price. Options are retails weapon to try and overcome the leverage of big players, but it isn’t the same effectiveness as direct ownership. Anyways 9/17 more puts than calls… Look for market markers drive it UP!